Tiny little fairies live in tiny little houses in the dirt
Streams are their rivers
Mushrooms are their trees
Sticks are their logs
They’re very shy
But if you’re lucky you’ll see one

Every Halloween
Our house was filled with
Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls
Pumpkin men and women with
Long legs and bright eyes
Holding hands
Spooky music playing
And the Halloween store with
Walls of frightening faces

And The Tall Book of Tales
Was read before bedtime
Stories of sugar plum trees
Gingerbread houses
Children learning lessons
Talking animals…

How ironic life is
Filled with fairytales and mythical creatures
That as the end neared
Your body became one
Alien with a large belly and sunken eyes
A talking skeleton
And it scarier than I could ever have pictured
In my worst nightmares

Mythical creatures
Belong in mythical lands
And that’s where I imagine you
An angel
Gone before your time
“In your dainty white nightcap and gown…
In the garden of Shut-Eye town.”

This poem alludes to The Sugar Plum Tree by Eugene Field, which can be found here.